Friday, May 22, 2015

"Honey Don't List" #2 - The Rogue Toothbrush

   When you were first born, your world was limited to wherever your parents placed you at that specific time. You couldn't move around, you couldn't roll over, nothing. As you got a little older, your world slowly became a much larger place. After a while you learned how to roll over, you gained some neck control and could actually look around. Your vision might not have reached quite as far as it does now, but you could still inspect bits and pieces of your surroundings.

   Shortly after, you began to sit up, then eventually started crawling. This was the first real leap into this giant place that we live. We call it home. After plenty of bumps, tumbles, and fits of laughter watching mommy dive head first in an attempt to save her precious child, you learn to walk.

   Now you embody all that is Indiana Jones. Scaling the tall towers of the couch, diving backwards out of my arms into the treacherous sea of blankets on the bed, springing over the royal beast called Chase, you quickly gain an appetite for adventure and exploration.

   You find things hidden around the house long ago forgotten. You also hide things in those same places never to be seen again. And sometimes you surprise us with the things that you find amazing. The things that mommy and daddy would never think would need to be moved "out of reach". For example, the edge of the bathroom counter. A few weeks ago, this would've been a tower much too tall for even you to reach. Now, it is easily within your grasp.

   Daddy sits at work and gets a message from mommy, "Do you remember how I told you not to leave your toothbrush at the edge of the sink?" Instantly thoughts come rushing to my head. "Please tell me he didn't scrub the floor with it" (I have a major phobia of loose hair). Did he drop it in the toilet? Not this time, not this time.

Thankfully, he was just practicing... I will take that any day.


  1. And if he's anything like his daddy....he will want to make sure the toothbrush is perfectly straight and aligned in the toothbrush holder.

    1. I think he got his mama's trait of leaving things randomly around the house.