Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Concealed vs Open Carry

   This past Friday, the Texas Senate gave its approval on House Bill 910: an expansion to the concealed carry license to include the right to open carry in the state of Texas. The bill will next be sent to the House for a vote and finally, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

   The concealed carry law has been in affect since 1995, yet the open carry has been banned for over 100 years. Currently certain long guns, rifles, and shotguns are already legal to have out in the open in certain locations. 

   I currently have a concealed carry license. I took the state mandated 4-6 hours of classroom/range time, filled out an application, got fingerprinted, and paid the state for my license. My original goal was not actually to carry in public. I initially only wanted a handgun to protect my family inside the home. You don't need a license in Texas to do that. I also wanted to become better educated on some of the laws that protected individuals in a self defense situation.

This is the concealed holster I own: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0
   The more I thought about it however, the more it made sense to me that the likelihood of something happening to my family outside of our home could far outweigh the chance of it happening inside our home. I understand that neither places are completely safe. One thing kept coming back to me. Should someone ever attack my family or threaten their safety, what would I be able to do? Using my gun would be the absolute last resort. I'm a firm believer that you do not pull your gun out unless you fully intend to use it. 

   Now that an open carry law is on the table, I'm once again considering my options. I feel that those who are legally allowed to carry in the general public could act as a deterrent to those who mean to do harm. On the flip side, how would we know who was legally able to carry and those who are bold enough to just show off their piece? 

   It was very strange walking outside my house the first time with my handgun tucked inside my waistband. I felt like the whole world could see it. We went over to Danae's parents the first time I wore it in public. I asked her dad the next day if he even knew I was carrying. Of course he had no idea.

   I can only imagine how it will feel in Texas once we start seeing handguns popping up in plain view for the world to see at the movies, in restaurants, in the grocery store etc. I'll admit, it will be a little intimidating to me for a little while, and I could very well be carrying one as well. It's just the nature of the beast. My father-in-law talks of a time when as a boy, you'd take your rifle with you into school. It wasn't a big deal. The majority of the boys hunted, and no one thought twice about it.

*side note, this is not my father-in-law*
   I believe 100% that we as citizens have the right to defend ourselves. Unfortunately, such a large part of the population feels "uncomfortable" about others carrying guns. I guess that's fine for them. I'll continue to carry as long as it's legal. I'll tell you what though, if my children were out at the mall and someone pulled out a gun and started firing off shots, I would be SO thankful if there was a stranger present with a concealed handgun.

   We live in a world with good and bad. Lawbreakers do not care about the laws that we put in place. That's why they're called lawbreakers. I just don't see how trying to place such tight restrictions on gun control can do anything positive for the general public. I for one, do not want to be stuck sitting idly by while someone intends to do harm to my family.

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