Friday, May 15, 2015

Bird is the Word


Overtly proud father alert! Be on standby for sudden bursts of fanfare and praise.

   Okay, for those of you who stuck around after my short PSA just now, I'd like to share with you one of my many new proud father moments. I'm talking about Emerson starting to speak for the first time.

   Now don't get me wrong, he's been saying plenty up until now. But mostly he'll just point at something and go UHH. I always wondered how parents were able to decipher the babbling of a toddler, but this is one step beyond that in my opinion. Danae and I have become quite versed in this primitive language. 

   In the last week or so, he's begun making very conscious statements. They don't come out exactly crystal clear. Some words also come out sounding the same as other similar words. For example:

Me: Emerson, where's Chase? (our Golden retriever)

(Emerson looks over his shoulder and points to Chase)

Emerson: Esh 

Me: Would you like to go pet Chase?

Emerson: Esh

Me: Emerson, what does a ducky say?

Emerson: AAaack, Ack

Me: What does a puppy say?

Emerson: (in the tiniest little whisper of a voice) oof oof

*And for the grandaddy of them all...*

Me: Emerson, what does a bird say?

Emerson: Burrrr

Me: Bir-Duh!

   Did that last one remind you of any particular cloven hoofed quadruped created by Disney? I'm talking about you Bambi. 

   I realize that these are probably some very minute details to some. But in our little world, they're by far the largest. It amazes me to see how much he's developed in such a short amount of time on this earth. It's a miracle in itself at how much development takes place inside the womb. God has designed such a beautiful composition that is what we so flippantly write off as "growth". 

Can I get an AMEN?!

   So what's next you ask? I'm thinking we'll step it up a notch and work on something a little more difficult. Giraffe sounds like a good one.

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  1. Keep them coming they make my day !He looks so grown up in this picture