Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Food Stuff. When you just can't think of what to call it.

   Who does the cooking in your family? Is it primarily one person? Is it a role shared by multiple people? Or does no one cook and the local delivery guys know you by your first name?

   In our house, Danae is the cook. And by cook, I actually mean chef. She can get an idea of something she wants to make and just throw it together. 9 times out of 10 it turns out great, and I always go in for seconds. 

   She has this 6th sense that she got from her dad. It's the "I bet it would be better if I added THIS!" And BAM!! Just like Emeril Lagasse, she kicks it up a notch. 

   I'm not the worst cook, but i need to have exact measurements of everything in place ready to go before I start. And heaven forbid I try to get more than one item going at once. I just can't get the timing right. I'll get the chicken going but put the bread in too late. Now the chicken's done but the bread is still cooking. 

   Since she's the pickier one of the two of us, and it tends to work out well. She can make something she likes and there's a pretty good chance that I'll enjoy it as well.

   On the flip side of all this, I'm the baker. You see, in baking, it's pretty crucial that you get the majority of the ingredients down correctly or you could end up with a not so sweet treat to eat. Sure, you can always add a little something extra, but for the most part you stick to the script. And I'm good at that. 

   Over time you start making the same meals/desserts over and over again. You become better at making them; they become easier to make. You take a dish over to a party. This is how our conversations end up going:

Friend: Wow, this (insert delicious dessert descriptive) is really good. What's it called?

Me: Uhh....*I quickly scan the room for Danae. She usually has the answers*...It's Cookie Stuff

Friend: Cookie stuff?

Me: Yup, cookie stuff. Glad you like it. 

   We now have a list of recipes including: Cookie Stuff, Pasta Stuff, Cinnamon Apple Stuff, Spicy Queso Pasta Stuff, the list goes on and on. 

   I'm not sure if that makes us lazy, BUT should you get the privilege of joining us for dinner and we make a dish ending in stuff, you can bet your bottom dollar it's going to be delish!

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  1. I am looking forward to alot of .....stuff. Maybe Emerson and I can do some "daddy" baking.....can't wait.