Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Remington Michael

Well hello there again. As I mentioned in my previous snippet from yesterday, our family spawned another tiny human. And once again, the Mears male seed is strong. 

Remington Michael was born on January 19th. (Funny side story)...I had to pick up a prescription for him at the pharmacy a couple days ago, and one of the questions they always ask for the person you're picking up a prescription for, "And what's the date of birth?"


Complete deer in the headlights moment. I couldn't remember! I was so sure they would never believe I was the father. But luckily I had guessed correctly. I'm sure they were one button away from dialing CPS on me.

Anyways, back to this strapping young lad. Would you just look at those eyes?? #fuggehdaboutit

Pretty handsome young man right? Looks NOTHING like me. And to tell the truth, he's completely different from his big brother in most, if not all, physical aspects. 

Emerson has a light complexion with bright blue eyes and quite the baby face (even at 2). Remi on the other hand (yes we call him Remi for short) has a dark complexion, dark brown eyes, and some pretty rugged features including the Green trademarked cleft chin. 

It's amazing to see the differences in their looks alone. I'm anxious to see the differences between them as they grow older. 

Growing up with my two younger brothers, we all shared some similar physical features. We all heard those comments growing up, "You're a Mears boy aren't you?", "Are you one of Steve's boys?", "You look just like your brother". 

Over time, we definitely grew into our own unique identity. Only time will tell how these two will develop and grow. I can only hope that they stay close together throughout the years to come.  

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