Saturday, June 13, 2015

How Important Is Your Name?

How important is your name? You had no say in the matter. You had no voice in the family you were born into, or in the region of the world you entered. But here you are. God saw fit to give you to us. So now what will you do with the opportunities laid out before you?

I can tell you what I see for your future. How I pray and strive to shape and mold you. Your mommy and I see a much different world around us than when we were kids (which wasn't all that long ago). It's a bit frightening to think that there will be an intangible disconnect between your parents and the outside influences of the world in a few years time. The time that you step out into this world and start making decisions on your own. But it's coming. 

So how important is your name?

Do you care that your story can travel far beyond your immediate reach? The people you interact with can have a chain reaction that moves further than you know. Will you choose to be a blessing to others? Will you learn to see the need of others? It's all too easy to overlook things that are outside of your world. Don't miss them. 

I'm going to help you along for the next few years that we get to have you in our home. I'll point out to you the places where your hand is needed, as well as the places where it's better to not be included. It's okay to remove yourself from a harmful situation. 

You're going to see daddy holding the door for others, not just women. You're going to learn to respect those in authority, responding with "Yes sir, no ma'am". You're going to learn to stand up for your siblings and your friends. You'll know how to speak in truth, but in love.

You're also going to know how to slow down and breath easy when life is pounding at your back. I'll try my best to show you how to lead by serving. Mommy and daddy are trying to make sure that there are other people in your life who value these traits and practice them as well. You'll be able to see how much better your world can be when we practice and cherish all of these things. 

There's chaos and confusion in this world. But, if you strive to see things through a clear lens, not diluted by selfish ambition, it's usually not too difficult to see what needs to be done. I'd wager that most people know what needs to be done, but choose to go their own direction. They're distracted by the dirt in their lens, and foolishly follow the things they think will lead to satisfaction. Don't be mistaken. It's always more satisfying to be a blessing to others than to yourself.

 Every action has a result. Everything we do in life follows this principle. The results may not be immediate or on a large scale, but they are there. You may not even be able to see them, but they are there. Don't forget the impact you will have on others. Be mindful of the impression you leave after you are gone. Make a conscious effort to bring joy into the world. Train yourself to leave that same kind of impression on others while not even trying.

You've been given a great opportunity being born into this world at this place in time. A time when you have the ability to reach so many lives. If you can keep one thing while you're on this world, keep your name. Take pride in it, and don't lose sight of the things that truly hold value.

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