Saturday, June 6, 2015

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

15 months...

15 months and he's already picking up on SO MUCH!! I should be thankful right? I feel like I should be anyways. He's growing, he's learning, and he's mimicking as well. 

Do you know how easy it is to forget that he's in the car? I've never left him in the car before. I have forgotten that he was in the backseat while I was in the middle of some wonderful Texas traffic. God help me...I do a lot better with road rage most days, but every once in a while my attitude is not the most pleasant.

It's a bit scary at times to see how much he notices and mimics the things we do. We can stomp our feet like we're dancing, he'll dance right along. We can belt out an evil laugh, "Mu HAHAHA" and he chimes in with his own rendition. It usually sounds like, AH AH AH AH. It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

It's just a bit daunting to consider that although they pick up on all the cute and funny things that we try to teach them; they also pick up on those things we'd rather just forget about. The problem is that he was created with at least half of my character traits and half of Danae's. (This is my math of course, it could be give or take a few characteristics) Either way, I know myself, and that scares me. 

I mean yes, he got his good looks from daddy. He got his contagious charm from me as well, but did he get my temper? Did he get my tendency to go inside himself when he's frustrated (no, I don't think he actually got that one). I'd say he's fairly comfortable letting the world know when he's angry. 

Danae keeps reminding me how much he copies the things I do. I know somewhere down the road (and probably not too far down) I'm going to slip up. Say something I regret. Teach him something I wish I hadn't. React to something poorly, or even make a poor decision. I hope when those times come, he remembers the good things we teach. Isn't life all about balance?

We as parents have such a vital role in the development of our kids. My goal is for Emerson to be filled with the best characteristics that I can instill in him. I've got my own shortcomings and I work on those daily. Some days are worse than others. Every day when I come home from work, I try to take a second in my car to consider, "You've just punched out, now it's time to punch back in."

My job isn't done when I leave work for the day. My primary role in this season of life is a husband and a father. Work is secondary. I have no right to shut off when I walk through the front door. That's when my day should really start. Occasionally I'm all too eager to lose sight of that. Luckily, Emerson leaves little reminders in his actions that although I may not be paying attention to the effect I'm having on him, he's still watching.

"Daddy was using a hammer on the back door. I thought I'd use a wrench on the wall."

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